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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50% Off Delaplane Strawberry Festival

Groupon is offering 50% off group admission to the Delaplane Strawberry Festival. For $10, you and a carful of guests gain admission to the Delaplane Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 28, or Sunday, May 29, at Sky Meadows State Park (a $20 value).

From Groupon:

The Delaplane Strawberry Festival draws crowds with fresh-picked fruit, homemade pastries, and live entertainment. Guests’ arms and strawberry funnel cakes sway in time to live bluegrass and choral music emanating from the stage, and festival grounds teem with summer activities such as puppet shows, hay rides, and pony rides. Face painting covers childrens’ faces with the clownish stripes and accents needed to impersonate a post-apocalyptic warrior, and three-legged races prepare adolescents for the extra limbs they will grow as adults.
Since the turn of the century, the strawberry festival has celebrated the arrival of summer and the decampment of the snowmen that besiege Delaplane every winter. Admission proceeds benefit the Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Piedmont Parish, which revived the Delaplane festival tradition to raise money for its outreach ministry.

Go HERE to find out more or to purchase your voucher.

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