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Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Fit Fridays: Swim!


Anyone can swim. 

 My friend Ann (btw, picture above is not Ann) and I meet at the pool once a week for our little swim session. Swimming can get boring.  If you are talking, you aren't swimming...and I LIKE TO TALK!  Ann and I have developed a routine that works for us...and we get a great workout.  I avoided swimming for the longest time. But after seeing some of my friends with strong upper bodies, toned arms and less injuries...I "jumped" in on the swim craze.

Ann always comes up with the best little workouts.  To make the time go faster, we split our workout into 4-10 minute sections.  We always start with a 10 minute warm-up. Following that, we begin various drills.  By then are heads are bursting with conversation we want to share so we use our kick-boards to relieve those pains that have built up by talking (still burning calories though).  We then do more drills, more kick boarding followed by a 10 minute cool down.

With many of our outdoor pools opening up this weekend, try this idea:

During the 15 minute lifeguard break each hour (no kids in pool), while your children are snacking and chatting (my kids are old enough to do this), jump in the pool and swim!  Last summer I did this each time the lifeguard blew the whistle.  I usually did at least 2 sessions!  And boy howdy did it feel good!

Now go swim!

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