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Friday, May 20, 2011

Harris Teeter Run #3: I Made Money!

From Brooke:

Yes, you read that right, today I made money at Harris Teeter!

I spent $4.50 and saved $78.86!

But that's not all, I brought home $12 in Catalinas to spend on my next shopping order at Harris Teeter.

So I actually made $7.50 on today's groceries! How cool is that?

Here's where I stand so far:
spent: $29.57
saved: $279.64
And I have $12 in Catalinas to spend on my next order!

From Heather:

I spent $5.83 and saved $118.24!

I also received some Catalinas (Solo Products: Buy 2, get $2 back, buy 3, get $3 back, buy 4, get $4 back) today.

I still have a $4 one left to use!

So really I am only out of pocket $1.83!


Deborah said...

You should share what you bought and which coupons you used instead of just listing the totals.

Lucy and Co. said...

agree - i'd love to know what the catalina was. i heard about the wisk one but it didn't work for me yesterday - maybe it's working now? would love to know.


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