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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mondays with Nonnie: Eating Right

Today one of my children stayed home from school sick and it really got me thinking about Summer and getting a Summer Plan in place.  If your home is anything like mine you go through food at lighting speed during the Summer months!  I noticed they were eating all the 'good' stuff, aka anything that comes in a bag or a box from the grocery store, first.  We came up with a healthy and money saving solution of having them follow the Food Pyramid to help them put together their meals.  I printed off a fun kid's Food Pyramid from a health book and colored and laminated it then attached it to the fridge.  At our Family Meeting we talked about the importance of eating full and healthy meals at meal times and not snacking on calorie full/nutrition empty snacks all day, while teaching them how to use and follow the Pyramid.  We also listened to a fun story and music cd available on called My Body Machine to further illustrate the point.  If I saw them walking to the table with their plates and noticed an item or two missing I'd gently point it out and ask what they are missing from making their meal a "complete" one.  9 times out of 10 they could figure it out using the Pyramid, it became a fun game! 

With Love, 

PS We also have a "Grown Up Pyramid" to help the Mom and Dad too, it's just not as cute:)

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