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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Confessions of a Couponaholic: Stocking Up for Summer

I'm so very grateful that I shop the way I do. We could live off the food in my house for a very long time if a disaster struck the area. We could even feed my neighbors for a long time if need be. When I think of the devastation that hit the South my heart goes out to those in need; at the same time, it reaffirms my desire to continue to stockpile for my family.

Now let me reassure you that I consider myself a stockpiler NOT a hoarder. I do believe that there IS a difference. A BIG difference. Like I've said before, I buy what my family will use and eat before it goes bad. I also ONLY store my items in my kitchen pantry and basement pantry--but I must confess that I have stuck the tortilla chips I've purchased this past week in the basement bathtub (hidden nicely behind the shower curtain) so they won't get crushed by my kiddos. :)

I've had a GREAT run this week at Harris Teeter. This super doubles promotion has been a stockpiling week for me. I'm set for summer on things such as FREE barbecue sauce, FREE mustard, CHEAP tortilla chips (50 cents a bag), and SUPER CHEAP juice (11 cents a bottle). I also have a fridge full of FREE milk. Thank you, Harris Teeter!

Sure, they've been out of things I've needed, like banana chips for my two new pet rats, but that's just what happens when smart shoppers converge upon the same store. How can I blame them? I'm doing the same thing.

On my last three runs I've spent less than $8 each time and saved more than $80 each time! That's something to be proud of. How long could YOU feed your family with what you have on hand?  Are you prepared for an emergency? It's never to late to start. Come to our class and we'll help you get the ball rolling.

See you tomorrow at Harris Teeter.

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