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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Deal on Glasses at Target!

While stopping at Target Optical today to see how much it would cost to replace my cracked lens on a pair of my specs, I came away with not only that pair fixed but a box of contacts PLUS an entire new PAIR (lens and frames)!

They are running a great promotion right now.  Spend $100 in the Optical Department (that is $100 ANYTHING...contacts, sunglasses, glasses or fixing a pair of broken lenses) and get an entire frame, lens for only $79! 

They told me it would cost $80 to replace my lenses.  So after adding a box of contacts, I reached the $100.  And from there decided I might as well get another pair of glasses (especially since they were so cute).

I have previously checked out Costco and knew that they would charge around the same to fix my lenses.
With insurance, you could really score!

I had already used my vision plan $ for a bunch of boxes of contacts earlier that week at my eye doctor (Dr. him), so I would have had to wait another year before I could have had new specs.

All in all, I spent $179 for everything.

I can't wait to have my new glasses (plus my old pair too).

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