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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Hosted an Expo Washable™ Markers House Party™

My Expo Washable™ Markers House Party™

Do you remember when I told you all about the Johnsonville House Party in THIS post? Well, I didn't get selected to host that particular party, but I DID get selected to host an Expo Washable™ Markers House Party™ this past weekend! The teacher/homeschooler in me was thrilled to host this particular party. We use whiteboards in our classroom almost everyday and I was thrilled that the markers are washable!

House Party sent me 16 Expo whiteboards, erasers, and two different sets of Expo Washable markers for each child to take home--9 markers total. I also received a wonderful whiteboard easel for myself (the host) that will come in very useful in our homeschooling. I was very impressed with the quality of the Expo products as well as the generous amount of items that I was able to share with others.

We invited over five families for a Saturday night barbecue and had a grand old time. Between the six families we had 17 kids ranging in age from one week old to seven years old. Can you believe that out of the 17 kiddos there were only five girls?! It was a gaggle of boys! And even the boys were eager to use the pink markers! :)

We had a great time playing games on our whiteboards and creating masterpieces. The kids loved using the erasers. I would definitely sign up to host a House Party again.

Want to host a House Party? Go HERE to sign up now and find out how you can be a host.

Go HERE to find out more about  Expo Washable™ Markers.

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