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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Organizing your Coupons

I am headed to Staples today to get a bunch of those black binder "clips" for $1 I had posted about here.  I use those little clippies to organize my coupon inserts.  I take each week's Red Plum or Smart Source, cut out one set to put in my binder, after marking the date (it is found very small along the edge) and clip the rest together.  I then organize them all in a basket from oldest to newest.  Saves quite a bit of time clipping coupons I never use!

When a sale comes (I don't shop much on "non-Super Double" weeks), I find out which coupons I will need and THEN I cut them out.  To find past coupons, I use the Swagbucks tool bar (multi-tasking people...getting deals on groceries AND making credit) to search for the item and coupon I need.

It is so easy! Simply type in something like, "Scott toilet paper coupon insert," and just like that, a ton of blogs pop up that have written about that certain item. This doesn't always mean the blog is telling me which store to buy this product, I already know I want to buy it...I just need to know where that coupon is located in my stash.

I then cut out as many coupons as I need for that sale.  I then take all coupons and paper clip them to a piece of paper which I have written down the exact items I will be purchasing and how many of each.  I have multiple sets of these clipped items ready to go the morning of the sale.

Be sure to be flexible. Know your coupons and which items are on sale. Most of the time, items are gone or there aren't as many as I need available.  It is important to know how to combine other product's coupons to keep the total price OOP (out of pocket) on the LOW (just like we like it)!

It takes time but time is SAVING MONEY.

GOOD NEWS!  We will be scheduling another coupon class in August...wanna come?  If so, send us an email and we will let you know when it is scheduled.

BETTER NEWS!  We are thinking about having a follow up couponing class that takes it to the next level for those that already dabble in the couponing department but want to know more.  This class will only be 1 hour and will be ONLY $10! If you think this might interest you, email us!

Happy shopping...and go buy your CLIPS for $1 today!


Anonymous said...

It's even easier to locate coupons in past inserts by using a Coupon Database. There are several sites that have them and you just search (much like google) the item and voila! It tells you where to find it!

Heather said...

Thanks! I have used that as well...but I like to get Swagbucks! Great tip!

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