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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Binghamton, Hill Cumorah Pageant and Niagara Falls Baby

Our family is going on a little adventure to upstate NY!  And sticking with the "hiptoclip" lifestyle, we will be doing it on the cheap.

Cheap doesn't mean we will be sleeping in our car, eating cans of Pringles (although we might since I have about 20 cans), or not doing anything FUN...NO Way.

Remember, we are hip!  And I like to do things in style (except for Friday's lunch idea...I will expound on that later)!

Our first stop is Aunt Lisa's house in Binghamtom, NY...a 5 hour drive.  I have already stocked up on movies ranging from Men in Black to Ramona and Beezus.  I checked out around 8 movies from the library...FREE!

We will be exploring the area around her home as we hike to waterfalls, pick fresh blueberries and swim in nature pools.  How cool is that?!

I have packed a couple of cow costumes for Friday's lunch plans.  Here is where the "hip" takes a back seat and "nerds" step forward.  I will be donning a cow costume (and any other Porter Family member that would like Chick-Fil-A for lunch) to get my FREE meal!  I have also included the downloadable masks if any of my children are too cool for the costume (but they won't be getting fries and drink).

Friday after lunch, we will head to Palmyra, NY and see the amazing must see Hill Cumorah Pageant (click here to learn more).  It will end late into the evening so we plan on staying in Rochester, NY afterwards.

Last week I used Priceline and (EBATES) to "name my own price" for two hotel rooms.  We ended up getting two -3 star hotel rooms for $50 each (plus cash back)! Awesome.

After we sleep comfortably, we will continue our drive to Niagara Falls!  Our must do activity there is to take a ride on the "Maid of the Mist."  We have also found some other spots we will most definitely check out like the Daredevil Museum of Niagara, and the Cave of the Winds.  We can't wait!

After all of that fun, we will drive back to Binghamton to stay with our Auntie Lisa.  Sunday we will head back home making our traditional Hershey World (a free boat ride on the chocolate river) stop!

I will be sure to review our trip (especially Niagara Falls)!

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