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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bloom is Turning 5 into $15 and I am Happy!

Happy Day. I just cashed in my "collect and save" catalina's from Bloom's Turn 5 into $15 promotion.  What a deal!

I ended up getting $75 back in FREE GROCERIES (and still have one more to cash in)! 

I should have only turned in a couple this week after realizing they expire on July 12!  I was thinking I would be able to hang onto to them to use throughout the summer!  But no worries, we need quite a few random items that will work perfectly (I wonder if I can use them on gift cards?).

I just found out that next Tuesday, July 12th, Bloom WILL be doing Super Doubles once again! 

It is great seeing so many of you from our classes out saving big bucks with us!

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