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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friendy Reminder: You can Really Score at Chuck-E-Cheese

It is true, I love Chuck-E-Cheese pizza.  I also love their salad bar. So when my children were looking for something fun to do last night, Chuck-E-Cheese came to mind.

I took about 15 minutes to research all the possible Chuck-E-Cheese deals/offers to make our trip less expensive (when you have 5 kids, that all plow through tokens and pizza lightening fast, you must go prepared).

Here is what we ended up doing:

First I went and played Skee-ball to get extra tickets (my kids LOVE the prizes).  We posted about this here.  It took me a few tries to master the game but after a minutes, I was scoring the max...a coupon for 40 extra tickets!  FYI:  Be sure to line up the ball on the left or right and don't click your mouse until the ball on the left hits the circle.  It states on the coupon that each child can use one coupon.

I then gathered up everyone's report card.  If you show them at the front desk, each child receives 15 tokens.

I also had printed the award calendars earlier and brought those along (each child receives 20 tokens).  Did you know they have an award chart for "not picking your nose?"  The kids and I had a chuckle about that one!

After going to the site, RetailMeNot, I printed the coupons that would best suit our families needs (lots of pizza and as many tokens we could get).

In the end we paid about $65 (2 pizzas, 4 drinks and a salad), received about 375 tokens and racked up 2500 tickets.

It was a huge success!

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