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Friday, July 29, 2011

Loudoun County Fair Going On NOW!

Last night we took the kids to the Loudoun County Fair (in Leesburg). As far as fairs go, the Loudoun County Fair does not have much to offer. The fairgrounds are located on this super narrow strip of rolling hills that were not made for stroller pushing in 90 degree weather. But nevertheless, we venture out to this fair each and every year. You see, we go there for the IBR (International Bull Riding).

My boys were thrilled that we got to sit right up close--me not so much--especially when a bull came and stared at us through the fence only two feet away. That was a little bit TOO CLOSE for comfort, but the boys sure thought it was cool--I just gave the evil eye to Mr. T and told him under no circumstance would we ever be sitting this close again.

The rodeo area is very small. The spectator stands sit on a hill and people bring their blankets and plop down on the grass for some good ol' bull riding.  The brave souls, like us, sit right along the fence and get a good glimpse and what "real" bull riding is all about.

Want to go? Well you're in luck. The rodeo, which includes bull riding and barrel racing, will be held again on Saturday night at 7:30pm. Go HERE to find out what else is on the schedule. And don't blame me, if you too choose to sit down front along the fence, just be ready to have a Mexican standoff with the bulls.

(This is where we sat.)

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