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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

50% Off Urban Pirates Family Cruise out of Baltimore

My boys love all things pirate.  Plum District is offering 50% off Urban Pirate Family Cruises. For $11 you can become a true pirate of the seas while having a grand old time with your family to boot! After looking into the deal a bit I found out that children 3 years and under cost $10 so it's actually a better deal to just pick their tickets up separately. If this interests the inner pirate in you go HERE to find out more. And plan ye voyage now because the deal,which is is only valid Monday-Thursday, ends on 9/5/11.

From Plum District:
Urban Pirates offers family adventure cruises in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The pirate ship called "Fearless" is based out of Fell's Point, which is rich in nautical history itself and provides many shops and restaurants. The adventure takes about an hour and a half, dressing up, tattoos, face painting happens on the boat prior to departure, and gives everyone a chance to get there on time. The cruise itself consists of three pirates leading an interactive pirate adventure- lots of songs, dancing, games, and of course treasure. All are encouraged to participate and adults usually have as much fun as the kids blasting the water cannons at the attacking Mad Dog Mike in his Cannon Dodger boat.

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