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Monday, August 22, 2011

Calling All Haymarkians and Gainesvillites...Vote Tomorrow!

Update: Congratulations, Peter!

Tomorrow is a very important election for the Gainesville/Haymarket area as we vote for our next Supervisor!  I will be handing out literature and candy (of course) for the Candland campaign at the Mountain View Elementary precinct from 3-7. Stop by and say hi as you cast your vote!

Robyn Candland, the wife of Republican nominee, Peter Candland will be our guest blogger:

"It is our privilege as citizens to choose the people who will represent us in making decisions about how OUR tax money is spent. We all have a significant stake in who our elected officials are going to be so we can't afford not to be involved. As I was calling voters this week about Peter's campaign, I had 2 different people say that they would be making up their minds when they get to the polls. People, it's your money they're spending!

It is so important to elect officials who can be trusted to represent YOU and your community. Take a little time to get educated on the issues/people for whom you will be electing before casting your vote. Even candidates in the same party can have huge differences, so being informed is critical. I think voting without knowing, is like going to the store without the coupons you've been cutting and saving. You could be leaving money on the table!

I know a lot of people don't usually vote in primaries, and especially in primaries not associated with a presidential election. But here's something I had never really thought about until I hopped on this wild ride: when less people vote, my vote counts even more! In our community this week we have a primary where approximately 2,000 people are expected to vote. Your 1 in 2,000 vote will weigh a lot more than a Presidential vote where you would be approximately 1 in 100 million. It's time to get involved and vote!"

Peter Candland for Gainesville Supervisor

Vote on August 23! Click here to learn more about Peter Candland.

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