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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Check Your RECEIPTS!

Brooke and I always teach in our classes to ALWAYS check your receipts. Today was a perfect example:

I went to Harris Teeter to pick up a few items that were fab deals (just so you balance popcorn-3 boxes, cantaloupe-3, salami, eggs, cereal-6 boxes, dove ice-cream-3 boxes, ben and jerrys 3- pints, purex, banana chips and emerald almonds-5 large cans).  After purchasing the items and using coupons, my bill totalled $52 with $67 in savings (that is more than a 50% savings without any Super Doubles).  At first I thought that was pretty good but starting thinking...maybe it is a bit too high (I know almonds are expensive and I couldn't remember how much I needed to pay for the buy 2 get 3 promo on each can). 

After checking my receipt, I realized the problem...the almonds. Sure enough they HAD NOT rung up at the buy 2 get 3 price. I had actually paid for 5 (at $6.15 each).  I quickly went to the service desk and Katie (love her) not only gave me money back for the 3, I also got another free!  Harris Teeter has a scan guarantee that states:

"If an item scans higher than the shelf tag or sign, you will receive one like item free, excluding alcohol and tobacco."
We will honor five "scan guarantees" per customer; all other pricing inadequacies will result in the difference between the shelf tag and the actual price of the item being refunded.

So I was refunded $25.22! Do you realize that is half of the amount I had paid! However, I DID have to ask for that free can, which she gladly gave me.

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