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Friday, August 26, 2011

Coupon Class Recap

Last night's coupon class was a huge success.  For those who attended, I hope you left armed with valuable information and a desire to "begin" your coupon journey.

Remember that just like running (I shared this thought last night), you need to set a goal that is obtainable.  You can't run to the grocery store and expect get 20 rolls of paper towel, 25 bars of soap, boxes of cereal, pasta and rice for free today.  But what you can do is to PREPARE. Just like I begin my preparations for an upcoming marathon, I start easy.  I buy new shoes. This gets my training going with proper support so I can avoid injury. I don't plan my first run to be 20 miles! No way. I work up to that over weeks of training, adding only 10% mileage increase each week.  I can't always run as fast or as long as my friends but that doesn't mean I don't run!  YOU MUST SIMPLY BEGIN...and start preparing..

Be ready for the perfect storm.  What is this perfect storm I am referring too (no, not Irene...but with it approaching it makes for a great analogy)?  I am referring to those weeks (that only come 5-6  times throughout the year) when you are armed with the perfect coupon (and a large amount of them), the item you want is on sale (and heavily stocked), AND other promotions that work in your favor (as you buy that item with your coupon...hopefully for free or very cheap).

It is during these sales that you can truly build a stockpile. You can't buy every item you want everytime. But what you can do is purchase the items that are on the cheap thus creating your stockpile.  Each sale will increase your supply.

This doesn't mean you can't shop today.  If there are items you need, check out your local ads, blogs etc to find out where the products are the cheapest, what coupons you need (and if you have them or can download them) and go get them. They may not be FREE but if you are saving...that is a GOOD thing!

Fellow couponers, future couponers...we are saving a ton of money! And that makes me happy. It is a journey...let's keep saving!

If you would like to attend one of our future coupon classes, let us know by sending us an email. That way we can get you on our list for any upcoming classes! hiptoclip(at)gmail(dot)com!

Now set a goal today!

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