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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Much?


How much do you pay when you run into a store and buy 2-24 packs of Deerpark Water?

Answer: $14.98 (plus tax)


How much more would you get (including the water) if you learned the art of the coupon?


This morning I paid $15 for everything in this picture (savings of $85.06)!

Do you want to learn how it is done?  Come to our upcoming coupon class and learn the ins and outs of EXTREME COUPONING!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to remind you and your EXTREME readers!;-) that the Haymarket food bank cannot keep up with the demand. So maybe everyone could donate a bag of goodies after all the HT deals? Just an idea.

Heather said...

I love that! I definitely have food to donate! Can you send the address and we will post it!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Looks like they may need to contact for donation hours etc.

Contact Us

Haymarket Regional Food Pantry

14740 Washington Street

Haymarket, Virginia 20168

Phone: 703 – 350 – 6083

Anonymous said...

MAybe make a front page post? Many do not read the "comments"

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