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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life is a Beach

We totally lucked out with our upcoming beach trip!  After Irene's wrath crushed the east coast, there is now calm and gorgeous weather on tap for the upcoming week!

Just in time for a few days at Virginia Beach!

I am very relieved the beach is open and ready for us since we booked our hotel through Priceline a few weeks ago. We didn't get travel insurance (always recommend you do) and you are required to prepay when you "name your own price.

I want to remind you to always "ask for the lowest price" when you are booking a hotel (or anything for that matter).

Take for example:

We had only booked one room and we are thinking things might get a bit crowded. I had called the hotel last week to get an extra room and they told me they were sold out.  Today when I checked to see if the hotel was even open, I asked if they had any extra rooms.  They did!  I then asked to see if we could get our Priceline price. The gal on the phone said no. But she said I could talk to the supervisor. I love talking to I said yes of course.

A nice lady came on and I asked her if I could get a little better deal if we booked another room. I was thinking about the normal price of rooms (not our Priceline price) and she said, "Sure and gave us another room $10 LESS than our Priceline room)!

Next time you book a hotel, try it!  Go through Ebates first (sign up here...and use it anytime you are buying something online...yesterday I got my daughter Tom's shoes from Nordstrom and got 5% cash back), then try to "name our own price at Priceline! And remember to always ask the hotel if they have any "better" rates!

1. Ebates
2. Priceline (or other site such as Travelocity) or just call the hotel directly.
3. Don't ever be afraid to speak with a supervisor!

I will be gone all week...but Brooke will be here to post this week's great deals!  I am still checking to see if Bloom will be having Super Doubles this Thursday! If so, we will be sure to let you know!

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