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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free For Halloween

SaveMore is making it easy to get ready for Halloween!  Today they are offering nail shields with a Halloween VIBE!  I have purchased the nail shields in the past and while I cannot say they are the BEST quality or find them totally easy to put on (without looking too sticker-like)...I can say they were sure FUN for the day!

I am thinking Halloween might be a super fun time to wear a pair of funky nail shields!  And for only $6 (and free shipping) OR FREE for those that haven't signed up at SaveMore (everyone gets a $10 credit)!

SaveMore also has another Halloween deal:

For $15 (or only $5 for you lucky ones who haven't signed up yet), you can purchase a voucher that will get you $30 worth of Halloween gear from WowMyHalloween!  They have everything from costumes to decorations as well as PARTY SUPPLIES!

If you want either of these SPOOKTACULAR deals from SaveMore... act fast!

Click here to get it on the Halloween spirit!

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