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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harris Teeter Evic Specials and such

Have you gone over to Harris Teeter yet to pick up this weekends Evic Specials?  If not, before you go be sure to do the following first:

1.  Go to Harris Teeter's webpage and click on all of the E-coupons (there is one for $1 off Tide)! There is a e-coupon for Febreeze Noticeables warmer (and some other Febreeze items) for $3 off. The triple stuff Oreos are BOGO...the great thing there is they ring up at the sale price ($2.99) but it takes off the orginal price of $3.99...making them even cheaper.

2.  Be sure to have your coupons in hand too!  Combine your P&G Tide coupon (from September) and the P&G $3 off Febreeze Noticeables warmer (and other Febreeze items too)! You will actually have a money maker with the warmer (just under $3)! 

3. Gatorade is cheap too (and on top of the display read a sign that read, we have an additional $1 off coupons...just ask for one when you check out) with this weekend's evic special.

Happy Shopping and have a super weekend

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