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Friday, October 21, 2011

Stock Up Price on Del Monte Corn and Green Beans

Harris Teeter is holding a great sale on Del Monte canned corn and green beans this week. I prefer my veggies either fresh or frozen, but deals like these can not be beat to have on hand. I was especially happy to find that the Del Monte creamed corn counted as I always need a can on hand for my favorite cornbread recipe that I posted HERE.

Right now, at Harris Teeter, if you buy 2 cans of Del Monte corn or green beans you get three for FREE! But it gets better than that. If you buy 10 cans (you're really only paying for 4 at $1.39 each and getting 6 for free) you'll get an additional $2 taken off your total. That makes each can only 36 cents! That's a great stockpiling price.

Have a great recipe that calls for canned corn or green beans? Send it to us and we'll share it. :)

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