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Monday, November 21, 2011

Heather's Deal of the Day

So I am in the process of finding my children's Christmas wishes for the cheapest prices possible.  My two little boys are dying for the Nintendo 3DS.  Last week I went ahead and purchased one at Target for that week's deal of $165 and received a $20 gift card.  This week I purchased the second one at Target for $145.  After using a plethora of gift cards (remember those Scrubbing Bubbles and CoverGirl deals I shared with you last month) as well as a $5 off a $50 purchase Catalina I received last week, I was able to get the second Nintendo for a mere $40!

I have checked all of the Black Friday deals and this was the best one by a few dollars (and saves me the stress of trying to nab one on Friday...Target will have the 3DS plus the Mario game for $180). 

I bought one game at Costco for $34 and purchased the "reserve game card" at Target last week for the other game I needed (you pay $1 and get the game reserved PLUS a $5 Target Gift card and a Mario Figurine).

You can also get games this week at 1 game get another at 40% off.  After doing all of the math, it all came down to only a few dollar difference.

So if you are in the market for the 3DS, this was a great way to get it.

AND my other Deal of the Day is of course my tickets to Busch Gardens Christmas Town!  We are so excited to take a trip down there the week after Christmas to extend the holiday celebrations.  Since the tickets are for 3 days, I figured we would go ahead and stay in a hotel and spend two days at Busch Gardens (as well as tour around Williamsburg).

You know how much I LOVE Ebates (I just received another FAT CHECK for $60...just for using their site for my online shopping needs). I plan on combining my hotel reservations by going first to Ebates and then to PRICELINE, where I have had huge success getting four star hotels on the CHEAP! 

If you want to plan a totally inexpensive get-away this Christmas...take advantage of today's Living Social deal for Busch Gardens AND sign up and START using Ebates...maybe I will see you there!

Remember you get a $5 credit  just for signing up with Living Social AND Ebates will give you $5 in cash!

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