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Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Get the MOST BANG for Your BUCK...Birkenstocks edition!!

As you begin your Christmas shopping PLEASE be sure to use ALL possible saving secrets (many of which we mention in our blog and also TEACH in our classes).

Today's savings search success (or S.S.S) comes to you from Birkenstock (the ugly shoe that is oh so comfortable).

My husband loves his Birkenstock sandals.  I too have a pair but can't say I "love" them. I guess I "love" the way they make my feet feel but don't "love" the way my feet (and the rest of my outfit) look in them.

I am happy to say, my husband has been wearing the same pair of Birks for at least 10 years...but sadly it shows. He told me this weekend that the only thing he wanted for Christmas this year was a new pair!

So being that today is Cyber Monday, I thought I had better see what kind of deal I could get on these expensive shoes (normally the cost around $130).

I went to EBATES first...I ALWAYS do to be sure they have the store I need to order from...and they usually do! Today I went with Nordstrom first (after I arrived at the Ebates site) to see if they carried the style of Birks my husband wanted. Ebates' stores have double cash back right now (so if you plan on cyber it tonight and earn double cash back!). So Nordy's usually offers 3% cash back on purchases but this weekend they have bumped the cash back price up to 6%...that's huge! 

Unfortunately Nordstrom didn't carry the shoe I needed.  I went ahead and scanned over a bunch of other "shoe" store options and finally came across and saw they were offering 10% cash back on ALL purchases AND had a cyber deal-E-O...spend $100 and get $30 off PLUS FREE shipping!

So after taking a little time (yes, it took me about 30 extra minutes to find the shoe I wanted AND at the lowest price), I ended up getting the exact Birks my honey wants for Christmas for $90 PLUS 10% CASH back!

I received free shipping and found them at a 40% savings.

You can do it too. Be sure to check out sites such as before you order anything to find codes and discounts. I always go there first even before I hit Ebates. I usually can find a free shipping those!

To sign up for EBATES, click HERE!

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