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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swagbucks = Great Savings at!

Have you made the switch to the swagbucks tool bar yet?  You know what I am talking about...instead of using Google to search the Internet, simply use Swagbucks and earn "bucks" automatically!

In just about a week, I earned a $5 gift card to just for using the swagbucks tool bar (fyi...I can still use Google...or any other tool bar if I so desire)!

I am excited to redeem the $5 Amazon gift cards I have been collecting to purchase the 2012 Madden Football game my son has put on his Christmas list! It is on sale, PLUS I can use my $5 amazon gift card stockpile, making it affordable (the game costs a whoppin' $59.95...ouch)!

Click here to get start your own amazon gift card stockpile!

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