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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coupons Organized...Check!

I have loved my newest method of organizing coupons.  And believe you me...I have tried every method!  I take sets of inserts from each week which I clip together after writing the date on the front (it is found very small on the edge).

I always clip one set to stick in my binder for when I am out shopping (there is no way I shop with all my inserts...they stay home).

The rest are organized in a basket...Smart Source on one side (newest to oldest) and Red Plum on the other.

When I need a certain coupon I can search for it on SWAGBUCKS (seriously sign up if you haven't right now), quickly find which insert contains the product I need (and get some swagbucks) and clip it.


When a whole set expires, I can toss (or send here...military bases allow expired coupons at the commissary).

Easy BREEZY...just the way I like it.

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