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Monday, December 12, 2011

Unique Holiday Gift: 52% Off Name a Star Live

Groupon is also offering a fun and unique gift today--the chance to name your own star courtesy of Name A Star Live. You can choose between the following options:

•For $14, you get an Instant Gift Set Plus (a $29.90 value).

•For $29, you get an Instant Gift Set Premium, with an astronomy software add-on (a $79.80 value).

Here's more information from Groupon:
Name A Star Live allows the name of a friend or loved one to become the classification of a faraway twinkling star. As in most pet adoptions, each proud parent is free to choose his or her own furry ball of plasma. A real rocket ship will launch the name and dedication message into the Earth's orbit to mark the celestial occasion. The adopted star will have only one name, which is recorded in the database, and a star certificate and astronomical star chart are instantly emailed to the honoree, which help show the star's precise location as well as coordinates needed to spot the star in the night sky.

The software included with the Premium package convinces computers to display NASA images, astronomy and space mission websites, and three-dimensional images of Mars. The premium-level gift also presents an 8.5"x11" astrophotograph of the constellation, with a detailed inset profiling the cosmological neighborhood and your star's location within it. Check your giant gaseous sphere's status at the time of naming, and revisit it again and again with the software's Virtual Planetarium to see if it has sprung any new orbiting civilizations that speak English.

Expires April 18, 2012
Go HERE to purchase your vocuher.

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