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Friday, January 13, 2012

365 Days of Nature and Discovery: Learning About Our World One Lunch Discussion at a Time

I love sitting down and having lunch with my children. We always have great discussions about making healthy eating choices as well as all the fun things we have planned for the day or week. This year I made a goal to try to read one page during lunch from the book 365 Days of Nature and Discovery: Things to Do and Learn for the Whole Family by Jane Reynolds, Phil Gates, and Gaden Robinson. My youngest sister gave this book to the boys a few years back and it's been sitting unopened on the shelf until now--what a waste! This little hardcover book has been a wonderful addition to our lunchtime discussions.

Amazon describes the book as follows:

This is a book to be shared between parent and child; it is an encyclopedia, a calendar, an activity book, a Pandora's box of nature, and provides the key to knowing more about the countryside and environment around oneself. Through the colour illustrations and the informative text, the reader can discover why flamingos are pink, how owls see in the dark, where rain comes from and why porcupines have prickly spines. The book is systematically cross-referenced, and has over 2000 illustrations.

The book is small, but is huge on information. I love that I am reading nonfiction to my children each day. And I really love that they always ask if I can just read one more page--even though they know we only read one. If one of my children finish their lunch earlier than the others they often draw about what we have just read as we continue our discussion. Even I have learned a number of things.

Did you know that most sharks are ovoviviparous? I didn't! (You can go HERE to find out what it means) My 6-year-old found it fascinating that I had never heard nor read that word before. It opened up a whole new discussion on how we are always learning--even at the super-duper old age of 36.

You can order used copies of this book for as low as $5 on Amazon--and that includes shipping! In my opinion, that's $5 well spent. Make a goal, pull out a nonfiction book, and open up your table to wonderful discussions about the world around you.

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