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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brooke's Harris Teeter Super Doubles Run: Great Wolf Lodge Here We Come!

At first I thought this wasn't a super spectacular week for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. You see, I only made four trips and was content with my purchases. I felt no need to rush to the store and found most of the items I was always looking for.

I ended up with 11 half gallons of milk for FREE and 7 boxes of bread mix for FREE. My other favorite finds were the Eat Smart Veggie Crisp Sticks for only 50 cents a bag, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea for 50 cents a box, and Sargento shredded cheese for $1 a bag. I also ended up with twenty (Yes, that's right, 20!) 12-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper for me and Mr. T. I guess my New Year's resolution to quit drinking soda will have to wait a while--at least I've already lost 4 out of the 20 pounds I'm trying to lose!

My purchase price was higher this go round because of the soda, shredded cheese (over 20 bags--it freezes well) as well as the loads of strawberries I picked up this week for the kiddos (those also freeze well and my kiddos love smoothies). I bought 8 boxes of Dr. Oaker Ristorante Spinaci pizzas for my kiddos at $2 a box ($20 total). Pizza is a big treat in our family and I love that this thin crust version is loaded, and I mean loaded, with spinach. It makes me feel a little better feeding them frozen pizza for a lunchtime treat every once in a while. And at $2 a box that's a quick lunch that can't be beat. I also bought chicken for an upcoming dinner party, and ground turkey for the chili we enjoyed for last night's dinner. There were a number of other things that I purchased that I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

I ended up spending $120.39 and saving $352.97. At first I thought those numbers were petty, but then I realized that I still SAVED over $350! That's a lot of money--that easily pays for two trips to Great Wolf Lodge for our family of five. See, you have to think of couponing as a chance to splurge on the other things. It really is money in your pocket. Do I need to use coupons? No. Do I work off a budget? No.  But I'd be silly not to clip coupons when you can save this much in four simple trips to the grocery store.

We are in the process of scheduling our next Hip to Clip class for the end of this month. There are already a number of you on the waiting list ready and willing to learn the art of couponing. Come join us and learn the secrets to saving big and then YOU too can save enough money for a FREE trip to Great Wolf Lodge for YOUR family.


Amy and Luke said...

To a non couponer, can u explain why on Earth I would ever do w/ 20 or, hell even 11 half gallons of milk? I just dont get it

Brooke said...

That's a good question. We're a family of big milk drinkers. The half gallon milk that was FREE is made by Smart Balance. Smart Balance Milks have long expiration dates so none of my half gallons expire until the first week of March. 11 half gallons is only 5 1/2 gallons so we'll drink them all way before they expire. With three kiddos six and under we go through a LOT of milk. The nice thing about Harris Teeter is that you can only use three of the same coupon in one transaction this makes sure that one cannot clear the shelf of the item. I hope this helps.

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