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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heather's Fun compliments of Harris Teeter

I absolutely loved this past week's super double event at Harris Teeter.  I went everyday and loaded up on some pretty dandy items. I don't know my totals (I am just not organized enough for that) but I know I spent around $60. I was totally impressed that Harris Teeter kept completely stocked on everything I wanted (minus the nivea lip care).

I picked up:

20 half gallons of milk
20 bottles of shampoo and conditioner
6 nivea lip balms
10 packages of Vick's Cough drops
4 Gallons of Deer Park Water
2 boxes of Honey Bunches Cereal
Hefty Bags
6 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets
2 Pillsbury cookie dough
Dove Chocolate (don't ask how much)
10 boxes of Vicks cough drops
4 boxes of Tampax
6 bottles of Pom juice
1 package of guacamole
10 cases of soda
6 packages of Fresh Mission Tortillas
1 bottle of Vicks Cough and Flu
6 cans of Campbell soup
Bread mix
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Hawaiian Bread Rolls
10 pouches of Tuna

There were some nice items that gave overage as well as some awesome E-coupons! We would love to show you how it is done...join our upcoming class!

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