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Friday, January 6, 2012

More Christmas Markdowns

Update from Brooke: Target in Gainesville has Christmas at 90% off! I scored another 6ft tree for super duper cheap and stocked up on lots of beautiful bows for birthdays this coming year. Happy hunting--it's a mess over there.

This is the week of some major Christmas markdowns!

Walmart is at 75% off.
Target is 90% (that was in Reston, the Gainesville Target was still 70%...maybe today)
Hallmark is 75%
Harris Teeter is 50%

If you are looking for some GREAT deals on decorations, cards, candy, etc...pretty much every store will have a section marked down!  And be sure to check out places like Old Navy, The Gap and other clothing stores for SALES!

Let us know what you find.

Today I will be checking on PetSmart (I always buy Joey the dog his chew toys on the cheap...he doesn't care if they are Santas), Target and a few other places!

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