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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Deals on the Go.

(my brother and I backstage with David Copperfield...I will be sharing that story tomorrow or the next day here on my Everything Happens blog)

I just got back from an awesome vacation to Vegas and Utah.  I actually met up with my brother in Las Vegas where we had the best time hanging together. We then drove to Salt Lake City to celebrate my mother's 70 birthday!

I actually didn't have to spend much money since my dad paid for my plane ticket and my brother took care of the hotel and car (while in Vegas) but that doesn't mean you STILL can't save money.

Our first deal was made when we went to exchange our rental car (since ours was pulling to the right and we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us).  They had no problem exchanging our car when we arrived back at the rental agency. The problem was they didn't have the type of car my brother had rented.  We had paid extra for that car.  They quickly credited his money back.  But while standing at the desk, I simply asked, "Can we have a discount since we were a bit "inconvenienced" coming back to the airport, exchanging the car and having it pull to the right the past two days?"  Without hesitation, they offered to give us a one day credit.

In all my brother ended up saving $250.  So don't be afraid to ask.

The other deal came from our hotel in Las Vegas.  The first two nights we stayed, we had been placed by the elevator...which we heard all night long.

So after our return back to Vegas from Utah (we were staying another 4 days), I asked if we could have any "specials" due to our irritating nights of elevator squeaking.  They did not have any "specials" but they did wave the $10 resort fee for each night, saving us $40.

Don't be afraid to can save you money!

And before we purchased our show tickets, we asked the concierge if there was any place to get "deals" on shows. He quickly told us about a place on the strip where they sold discounted tickets.  So we headed to the place and ended up saving $20 per ticket!


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