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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woohoo for Cash Back!

Are you using Ebates or Shop at Home when you make online purchases? If not--you should be! We need a new lawnmower. Exciting, I know. My dear husband has been scouring the internet for the best deal (I've taught him well) and found that he could have one shipped to a number of stores like Lowe's, Walmart or Sears for FREE in store pick up. That way he would be guaranteed the lawnmower he wanted would be there when he arrived at the store. Not to mention saving time and gas money to boot! Smart thinking, Mr. T! 

A while back he learned that if he is going to make any purchases online that he needs to consult me first. Not because he's spending money, but so that I can SAVE us even MORE money by finding the best cash back award available online. After all of his searching he decided to go with a lawnmower from Lowe's. Then it was my turn. I did some researching and found that if I shopped through EBATES I'd get 2.5% cash back and if I shopped through Shop at Home I'd get up to 6% cash back! The lawnmower has been ordered and will be ready for us to pick up for FREE in the store and we're getting 6% cash back. This got me to thinking that the next time I need a big ticket item, I'll just order it FREE to the store just to get the cash back from purchasing it online.

Check out Ebates HERE to and Shop at Home HERE to start saving on things you're already planning on purchasing!

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