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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bus to NYC

Did you know you can take a bus to NYC (or to many other places too...including Florida) from various places (Boston, Phili, Washington DC) for next to nothing?!

If you plan ahead, most of time you can travel one way for a mere $15!  If you think about the cost of gas, tolls and the mere headache of parking and driving, it truly is amazing!

And lucky us, there are multiple companies trying to get our business, so there are deals a plenty.  There is even one company that boasts a one way ticket for only $1!  Yes, one DOLLAR!

If you are leaving from Washington DC, you can depart from Union Station or Dupont Circle...or EVEN Vienna, VA!

The buses have WiFi as well as plug ins at each seat...which totally make the trip enjoyable.  When my daughter and I went last week, we were pleased to have big comfy seats and a direct drive to NYC which only took 4 hours!

Here are a list of the buses:

The Bolt Bus
Washington Deluxe

And I think I figured out how to actually get that $1 ticket on Megabus.  A gentleman told me that he had booked it exactly 12 days out from your trip (not 13 or 11).  He went to NYC round trip for $2...true story!

Just thought you might be interested in a trip to the BIG APPLE!

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