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Monday, May 21, 2012

Deals on Broadway

If you are headed to NYC, I found out that you can truly find super deals for Broadway shows (especially if you are lucky)!

Before we headed up, I had scoured the internet for the BEST prices on tickets to Wicked.  Come to find out, most of the tickets ended up being well over $450 once I added in pick-up/delivery fees ($15-$30 each) and the other fees were added ($30 each ticket).

I decided to wait until we were in NYC to try the lottery system that many of the shows provided!  For a list of show that have the lottery, Broadway rush and standing room only...and the policies.

Click here to find out more!

We really wanted to win the lottery for Wicked so we headed there first on Friday night.  The rules are you must arrive between 5:30-6:00 to enter your name (2 tickets per name). At 6:00, they draw 13 names and those lucky people receive tickets in the first few rows for a mere $26.25!

There were about 250 people there for Friday night's lottery and unfortunately, we did not get our names drawn.

But we HAD to see the show. So immediately after the drawing, we went to the ticket booth and asked what seats were available. We were able to score, front row mezzanine for $150 (no fees!).  We loved the seats minus the bar that was located in front of us.  If you are on the shorter side, these seats are no ideal! But we could both see over the bar, revealing the entire stage (which is truly amazing)!


The following morning, we noticed our hotel was very close to Newsies!  We both wanted to see that show as well, so we figured we would try that lottery.  After both putting our names in the lottery, we anxiously awaited the calling of the names.

The crowd was not as big...maybe 100 we figured our odds were pretty good.

My daughter's name was called 2nd!  We were thrilled.  Moments later, my name was called.  I told the group next to me, I would be happy to give my tickets to them...which they readily accepted.

We were escorted to the ticket office where we received 4 tickets for a mere $30 each.  Lucky us, we were able to pick which set of seats were better and ended up getting row 7 close to the middle.  Needless to say, we were so excited.

We love Newsies. And I will conclude that being up front was ideal.  We could see the actors faces and I felt truly part of the show!

My advice, don't buy your tickets ahead of time!

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