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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NYC on the Cheap

My daughter and I are headed to NYC next week.  We are both SO excited for our girl's trip weekend.  We are truly going to do everything we have been dying to do (and see) and do it without spending a gazillion dollars!

Here is how:

We purchased a Groupon in December for a round trip bus ride for only $25 (that is less than the tolls will cost you if you drive...not to mention gas, parking and stress).

We used Priceline for our hotel and ended up getting a fabulous deal at a Marriott near Time Square!

We will try not to use taxis. We are going to use the metro (is that what it is called in NY?)!  Everyone has told us it is safe, easy and CHEAP!

The most important thing we WILL do, is see Wicked!  I have spent hours trying to find the best deal on tickets for the best seats (I may be cheap but I like the finer things or at least the finest I can afford).  Even after finding discount codes and heading over to Ebates (my absolutely favorite site when you are buying anything 2 years I have received over $450 back in CASH), I still felt like greater deals were out there.

After talking with some friends, I found out that the Gershwin theatre, where Wicked is playing, has an awesome lottery system!  You simply go to the theatre 2.5 hours before the show. You enter your name (one entry per person). Then, 2 hours before the show, they draw 26 names.  If your name is drawn, you receive up to two tickets (all in the first few rows) for only $26!

Sommer and I have decided to give it a try. I mean, if we don't, we will end up paying over $450 for 2 tickets.  And although I was willing to pay that (I specifically subbed 4 days to cover that cost), I am thinking of all of the OTHER things we can SHOP and EAT.

I will most definitely let you all know if we get lucky.

When you book a trip, always look into finding the best deals.  From airline tickets (I found round trip to Boston, direct fight, free baggage for only $125 simply by checking Jetblue's website each day) to hotels..and all the fun in between...LOOK FOR THE DEALS!  They are there to be found.

And with blogs, chat pages and the like, everyone has an opinion...and I love that!

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