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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FYI and Don't Be Afraid to Ask.

Sommer and I went to the movies today. We decided to make the drive to Fairfax to take advantage of the $5 movies the Rave theatre offers every Wednesday.

I dropped Sommer off to purchase our tickets and then went to park the car.

After she met me in the lobby she told me that the tickets had actually cost $16 instead of $10.


I guess the employee at the desk informed her that our movie was in the "super" theatre with a big screen and therefore it would cost us more.

No way!

I sent Sommer to our seats and headed straight to speak with a manager. I told her how disappointed I was I had made the drive to their theatre for this "summer" special to only find out it was limited to certain "screen" types!  I explained that I didn't care how big my screen was and found this deal a bit "sneaky". I simply wanted my movie for $5.

And so without any hassle she gave me $6 back.

Happy me.

So be sure your movie isn't a 3-D or on the Imax-like screen.

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