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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Are you taking advantage of Staples CHEAP school supplies each week? I hope so! If not, make sure you check out the deals they offer.

Each week they have quite a few one cent items. The only catch is you have to spend $5. No worries. This is easily accomplished when you purchase the "rebate item" they offer.  It is usually a ream of paper.  This is the time of year I completely stock up on ream after ream of paper for $1 (sometimes even less). The catch is you have to purchase it at full price (which gets you to $5 or so) and then you submit your rebate (as soon as you get home).  You receive a check in the mail in about a month. I love when those start coming in!

By the time school starts, I have pretty much everything we need for "back to school."  And even end up having a lovely stock of supplies that last throughout the year!

Don't miss out!

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