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Monday, November 19, 2012

Make Sure YOU Shop Smart Online!

The holidays are upon us and many of us (if not most of us) are still shopping, shopping, and shopping. In the last few years I have come to love online shopping. If you shop smart you can save a lot of money and wasted time and energy at the crowded stores.

Make sure that you always check with Ebates and Shop at Home to see if the store you want to buy from is offering a cash back bonus--they usually are. I recently saved an additional $9 off the curtains I ordered from Target and still scored free shipping just from searching these two sites. Most of the time I find that I use Ebates over Shop at Home, but I ALWAYS check both to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck. And you might as well do the same since they don't cost anything and are easy to sign up for!

To sign up for Ebates go HERE.

To sign up for Shop at Home go HERE.

Happy Shopping!

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