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Friday, December 7, 2012

Combine Those Deals

Before you go and buy anything, be sure to do the following:

1.  Check to see if you have a coupon.  I simply google the product I am buying followed with the words, "coupon."

2.  Take a look at the circulars from all of the stores that carry the product you want (and many of the large stores WILL price match) and find where the item is cheapest.

Here is a simple example of how it worked for me today (and btw, I hadn't done one lick of Christmas shopping prior to this purchase...BEEN CRAZY BUSY):

My son wanted a Mario Game for his upcoming birthday.

I found a coupon for Target (I simply went to their site on Facebook and then printed), "spend $50, get $10 gift card in return." This deal is good through tomorrow, December 8.

I found that Toys R Us had all of their video games, Buy one, get one 50% off through the weekend. I took the circular to Target where I was able to combine both deals.

I purchased two games, (and one actually on sale at Target and not at Toys R Us), saved $10 (just because they had it on sale), got one 50% off AND received a $10 gift card!

I love it!

I guess I had better start doing some more Christmas shopping...STAT!

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