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Saturday, July 17, 2010


You Crazy not to be clipping coupons! I thought I would donate this blog entry to those who are just plain "crazy not to be" doing the following things.

So let's start out with the most obvious one:

1. You CRAZY not to be clipping coupons! Just the other day, I purchased a $40 top rated Neutragena wrinkle free serum (thanks Brooke) for FREE! Do you really want wrinkles? No, I didn't think you did. So why would you pay $40 for this awesome item when you can get it for free? See, you CRAZY.

You CRAZY not to use coupons to buy food. You like to eat right?! I thought so. I keep asking myself, why aren't you buying these items for cheap! I hear so many excuses (oh that could be my next post)...but they are all just plain CRAZY!

You CRAZY if you are buying cleaning supplies for much more than 25 cents. You gotta clean, there is no getting around that unfortunate chore. But why pay? Save it for a cleaning lady.

So if you feel lost on just how exactly one uses a coupon to its full'd be crazy not to attend one of our "hip to clip" coupon classes!

This leads me to my next "you crazy."

2. Although you might think Brooke and I are the crazy ones...for charging you a nominal fee to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about saving BIG on your grocery bill. But no, no...YOU CRAZY!

Do you get your hair cut for free? Your oil changed? How about your teeth cleaned or your ears pierced? And then there is paying for pre-school, sports, piano lessons...I could go on. Why do you pay for these things? YOU CRAZY?! Nah. You are not CRAZY. You just can't do these things on your could. That is totally up to you. Brooke and I consider ourselves experts in the world of saving BIG. We can teach you. And what class out there will almost guarantee you will save what you paid (for the class) on your first grocery trip? That is what I thought...CRAZY AWESOME!

3. YOU CRAZY to not frequently check out our BLOG. Just this week we shared a free entree (small as it was free) at Panda Express, totally free dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and other great ways to get free stuff.

You just plain CRAZY if you don't join us!

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