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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Library Loving

I love the library. My children love the library too. I take that back, one of my children really loves the library, so much that many times, her punishment is taking her reading privileges away. Sad, I know. The other three will come along when pressured to "pick up" their weekly summer coupons. And child, that will remain nameless, has yet to read a book.

I love getting movies there for free. When packing for a road trip, my first stop is the DVD section of our local library (b/c of my lack of pre-planning, I never remember to order specific DVDs in advance, so I do have to take what is there). How great it is, to stockpile large amounts of show watching entertainment for the wild ones in the back seat during a long drive.

I love the library's summer reading programs. I look forward to showing up each week to see what we will be getting for free, just for stopping by. And the teen reading program rocks too! They not only have great coupons (many times for normal adult meals...not those small kiddy ones my 10 and 12 year old boys reject), they have a super drawing at the end of the summer for great prizes!

So this week's coupons are A-Okay with me. Go by, sign up your kid(s), and pick up the weekly coupon. And keep track of those books read! Your child will receive even more goodies!

This week:

One free House of Bounce Entrance (you can only use one per to that!)
Free Small Shake at Checkers (no purchase necessary...yay to that!).


Tami said...

My one disappointment is that the library is now charging 25 cents for holds. I know that is still cheap for a movie, but I loved getting the new movies for free. Love your blog. One day I will have to find time and commit to couponing and come to your class. You rock!

Anonymous said...

I love my local library too! I'm also a member of Prince William County libraries and my son is signed up for the summer reading program (we love to read and love those weekly coupons!).
Here's a post I wrote about the summer reading programs at Northern VA libraries: Start of Summer Means Fun Summer Reading Programs and a post from last year about Using Your Local Library As Your Main DVD Rental.
Laura, Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia

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