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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Round One

Here is round one of my Harris Teeter Super Doubles! My goal today was to get Catalinas for my next shopping trip!

Hang on to your hats people and get is what I bought:

16 boxes of frozen vegetables
6 boxes of Hamburger Helper (no, I don't like it but I think my husband and one or two of my five children makes for a quick dinner before football...and the kids can make it on their own.)
2- 4 packs of Fiber One Yogurt
2 -4 packs of Yo Plus Yogurt
2 Frozen Yoplait Smoothies (Yum!)
1 Wholly Guacamole'
1 loaf of white bread
12 cans of Biscuits

If I walked into the store I would have paid $90 (I know, you probably wouldn't have bought 12 cans of biscuits or 16 boxes of frozen vegis...). you want to know what I paid? A nickel. Yes, I pulled one nickel out of my purse and paid the cashier!

And...I received $12 in Catalinas. So on my next order, I will automatically get $12 off my purchase!

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