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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Round Two

This time I went with a friend to help her sort out all the super information she received at our coupon class a few weeks ago.
We did great! She ended up paying .95 cents AND walking away with $8 in Catalinas to use off her next grocery bill!
Once again we were looking for items that would give us the most bang for our buck! Remember that General Mills is running a promo right now...when you buy 20 items, you automatically get $6 off your bill. MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS! Today it didn't automatically ring up and I had to chat with a manager who quickly fixed the problem.
We purchased:
6 cans of Light Progresso Soup
1 - 4 pack of Fiber One Yogurt
8 Yoplait Yogurts
5 boxes of popcorn
6 boxes of Potatoes
3 bags of El Paso Tortillas
4- packages of cookie dough
2-cans of bisquits
2 boxes of Cereal
The bill WAS (before coupons): $76.35, she paid out of pocket: .95 cents (with $8 more dollars to spend tomorrow on all of her produce).
The next class is filling up fast. It is the perfect time to learn the art of the coupon before the holidays...vacation anyone?!
If you have attended one of our classes and would like us to go shopping with you, we would be happy to help. Just send us an email!

1 comment:

Carlee said...

I'm not sure which of you I met today at Harris Teeter (blonde) but thanks for your help. I got a Catalina for $2 off my next shopping order, $3 off my next hamburger, chicken or tuna helper, $1.50 off Wonka Chocolate, $1 off Campbell's Garden Recipe soup. Didn't you say there would be one specifically for buying 20 GM products?

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