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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Good Company.

There are certain companies I just love. I love them because they truly believe, "The customer is always right." They are happy to return items for me that don't work quite right or I just don't like. They have fabulous customer service. I want to be sure I am in "good company!"

Here are three companies I adore:

1. Nordstrom.

I worked at Nordstrom for 10 years. It was there I not only learned what customer service really meant, it led to many other job opportunities. Other companies know this and model themselves after Nordstrom's success. They want to hire individuals that have the same understanding. We were taught to always put the customer first! I haven't worked there in years, but I know when I shop there, I will never be let down.

2. Costco

I think Costco has a rockin' return policy (and the most yummy chocolate covered almonds)! They are happy to return anything. And if it is electronics you are having trouble with, they will help you solve any problem you have!

I bought a $300 stroller at Costco when I had my first child. It happened to be on clearance when I bought it and I paid $200. After about a month, it just wasn't turning well. I took it back. They went to look up the information on the stroller (since they didn't have it in stock) and found the price to be $300. As they were about to hand me the $300, I told them I only paid $200. The customer service representative told me I "had" to take the full amount since that is what the computer said it cost. Seriously?! :) Love to be in good company!

3. Harris Teeter

They know how to give us hip to clip shoppers a great deal each week! Their store is always clean. There is NEVER a line. Their staff is wonderful!

Be sure to contact the company that makes you happy! They want to know when things are working well.

But sometimes you will need to contact a company when things aren't working so well. Don't be afraid to look up the cooperate number and call or write a letter!

Last week I did just that...twice.

My first call was to Qdoba. I was thrilled to use my Smart phone's coupon App for the first time a few days ago. It had a 50% off an entree'. I hustled in there for lunch and as I lifted up my phone to show the cashier my "electronic coupon" she said, "No, it must be on paper and downloaded from your computer." I explained to her that this was the new system and all one had to do is to show the cashier the "coupon" from my phone. She wouldn't buy it. So I left my food with her.

I went straight to my car, looked up the phone number for Qdoba headquarters and called. They were so kind. They explained that this store may not have heard about the coupon apps or had chose not to use them. But for my inconvenience, I was sent a FREE burrito! Hooray!

My second issue came when I tried to purchase the Great Wolf Lodge super deal last week (that Brooke had posted for all of us). After tracking down dates, searching room types, contacting my husband to confirm, and calling Grandma, I finally went to purchase our room. It didn't work. I tried again. No luck. I then called Brooke. She had said it worked fine for her the previous day. So I called the Great Wolf Lodge reservation center. They explained why it wasn't working. The offer had ended 1 hour before I hit the "complete reservation" button. I asked them to honor the deal. They said they could not.

I was very upset that after working 2 hours on our reservations (you see, I have FIVE takes time to plan a vacation), I was unable to get the deal. So I asked for the corporate address. I wrote them a letter. Two days later, I received a call from the head office. They worked with me and let me have the fabulous deal!

Remember, shop at the stores you trust, contact the company when you are happy with their services and contact them if you are NOT happy! It is up to us, the consumer to shape a company's success!

Let's put ourselves in good company!

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