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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Bad for a Slow Week At Harris Teeter

As we await the next triple or super double (rumor has it is coming soon) week at Harris Teeter, I popped over tonight to get some items for school lunches. After stockpiling "lunchy" type items this summer, I am beginning to run out.
But I came away with some awesome deals.
As you know, Pepsi fridge packs are $1.99 (limit four). The "meal deal" is awesome this week too! But I also found 2 bunches of bananas for $1, spaghetti for 75 cents (B1G1), 3 packs of strawberries (B1G2), 3 gallons of milk, 4 cans of spaghetti o's (with coupon, 25 cents each), eggs, and bread.
After Suzanne's peelie tip, I found the Eggo waffles a super deal (making them 90 cents each). And even after printing plenty of Pepper ridge Farm cookie coupons, I also spotted some peelies on some packages (making them around 60 cents each). The cereal was around 35 cents. And the Lance crackers were cheap with the coupon I found.
My total before coupons and Harris Teeter sales: $140
After everything was said and done my total out of pocket: $28
Not bad on a slow week!

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