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Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch Your Catalinas....

Just a quick update regarding the General Mills Catalinas. I now have $80 worth of free groceries...Thanksgiving here we come! If you have any questions on how they work, our next class is right around the corner!

But today, one of my $20 GM runs did NOT print any Catalinas. I had to go to the front desk and speak with a manager (one of our favorite's was there, Renae). We tried a few things, ringing up the order again, checking to be sure I had indeed spent $20 in GM items...all was well. So Renae called the main headquarters and sure enough they had been having some problems with the Catalina's printing out.

No worries, they will be sending them to me! They gave me NO hassle and were as sweet as ever.

Don't be afraid to ask if something doesn't print quite right. Don't walk away without those Catalinas in your hand!

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