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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that when you purchase something with Living Social or Groupon and you aren't happy with it, they will refund your money?

I happened to purchase Living Social's, Hudson Maids deal a few months ago. I was so excited, I purchased two of their cleaning promotions. They came and "cleaned" last week and I was SO disappointed in my service. I was hoping for some major sparkle but ended up with nothing like that. It seemed like they had a little squirt bottle "full of water" and were merely spritzing it around and weakly tossing a rag about as they "cleaned."

When the cleaning ladies entered my house, they said, "Your your house is sure clean already, what is it you need done?"

I told them I wanted bathrooms sparkling, wood floors shining and blinds glistening. I told them I had already dusted, changed the linens, etc. She looked confused and said, " Well, we don't do that with this deal. We simply spritz our "water in the bottle" and flap a little rag around. We might vacuum but not in your daughter's closet where you completely emptied out everything from the floor so we could easily get to all of the dirt. There is a small chance we will clean off your shower doors but probably not. And then there are your bathroom floors...maybe a sweep here or there in one of them, but the rest might be just too much for us with this deal. And if you want your blinds cleaned, you will have to go buy me something to do that with...and after you do that, I will probably not do a very good job. And if you want your fan in your room cleaned off, I will need to grow another 4 feet cause I can't reach it. I guess you could get me a ladder from your garage but I probably won't ask you to do that. Instead, I just won't clean it"

It wasn't totally the cleaning lady's fault. It was Hudson's Maids. I think they told all of their cleaning people to do the bare minimum since they were getting a deal. Well, deal to me means you are giving me the same service BEFORE I got the deal...or why would it be a deal?

So I was pleased as punch after writing Living Social an email when they said they would refund me my money.

So remember, when you aren't happy with a service or item, don't be afraid to tell them.

1 comment:

dystie said...

I just requested a refund myself for the three I purchased -- they really did suck. It was embarrasing to have given one to my mother. :(

Definitely a do-not-buy in future.

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