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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nestle and Target Coupons...Stack 'em baby!

We were chatting about "stacking" coupons in our class last night. The key is to always find the most valuable coupons for the product you want. I had received a Target Coupon for $1 off Nestle Morsels in the mail that morning. I already had a buy 3 bags get $1 off (which really doesn't make the chips that cheap...and we like cheap) coupon. If I combined those two coupons I would save $2 off 3 bags. Not the best price.
And I want a better price.

But today, Nestle sent me a link for some pretty great coupons. Of the listed products, there was a $1 off 2 packages of morsels.

The Nestle Morsels are currently $2 per bag at Target.
So if I combine (or stack) that coupon ($1 off 2 bags) with the Target Coupon I received in the mail, I will get two bags of the chips for $2 making them $1 each or 50% off the normal price.
I haven't purchased them yet. I am hoping the price will drop just a bit more during the holidays. Or I come across an even better coupon.

You see...
I am in the process of stockpiling all of the ingredients I need for our family's favorite Christmas treat:

Almond Toffee (be looking for the recipe in December)!

Click Here to get your Nestle coupons.

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