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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Ten and a Twenty...Harris Teeter Round 3

My goal was to spend $30.
Because I had a spend $50 get $20 off (These come in the mail sometimes and that's $20 of free stuff)
It was a perfect goal since I needed toilet paper, paper towels and my son kept complaining we didn't have any Salami (?)...that is what I was thinking too.
So this is what I purchased for a $31.84 (went over my goal by $ shoot me)
Huge Package of Bounty Paper Towels
Huge Package of Charmin Toilet Paper
2 Packages of Chicken Lunch Meat
1 Package of Salami (it's gone already)
1 Package of Kraft cheese cubes
4 boxes of Brownies
2 bags of Bananas
2 bottles of Cinnamon
6 cans of soup
5 boxes of pasta
Bag of Frozen chicken breasts
3 gallons of milk
1 package of 4-butter sticks
1 box of Success Rice
2 bottles of orange juice
1 celery
1 green onion
2 boxes of bagel bites
2 bottles of Mop and Glo
Corn Dogs
Steakums (also a request from son)
3 packets of gravy
That is usually my grocery bill for the week: $30 (I am currently at $32.60)
And I have purchased over $350 worth of groceries.

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