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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toss Up Tuesdays at Qdoba

Qdoba ran this promotion last year and I loved it...why? Because I love free food.
Throughout the month of November, every Tuesday from 5-8 pm, they will play "Toss Up Tuesdays."
This is what will happen.
1. You will order your food.
2. A lady all dressed up with be standing at the register with a fancy coin.
3. She will toss it.
4. If heads, Qdoba pays
5. If it is tails, YOU pay.
Last time I played this game...dinner was FREE...and I have a family of 7!
It starts today.
Check your local Qdoba but I know for a fact these locations will be participating:
Herndon, Gainesville, Woodbridge and Manassas

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